Event Hosts

What will this cost?

There is no cost for the host – events are free to create. Each guest is charged a small fee (currently $5.00) to help maintain ShareYourWish.com

A guest disclosed their contribution of $50, and they covered the ShareYourWish fee, so why is the total less than $50?
All contributions made by credit card are subject to normal credit card processing fees (currently about 2.9%) assessed by the merchant bank card processing network. That fee is beyond our control and is distinct from the nominal fee we assess in order to support ShareYourWish.com.
How does my child get their birthday gift?
We will disburse your child’s Gift Fund to you in whichever manner you choose when you set up your event – check, Amazon gift card, or Paypal.
At what point is the event closed from receiving any further contributions?
Sometimes a guest learns about ShareYourWish and decides to make a contribution even after attending an event. So, we leave events open to further contributions for two (2) days after the event date. At that point we close the event, and release the remaining Gift Fund and Donation Fund.
What happens if a guest makes a contribution after I receive an Amazon gift card, check, or other Gift Fund distribution?
We’ll send you another Gift Fund distribution with the remaining balance left in the Gift Fund two days after the event is over and closed to further contributions.
Is the Donation Fund we give to our selected charities tax deductible?
The IRS only allows you to deduct charitable contributions that you personally funded, whether the contribution was made in your name or in someone else’s. If your child or dependent makes a donation to a charity, you are not allowed to claim it as a tax deduction. Therefore, unless your child files their own tax return and claims the contribution, it cannot be used.
Can I get an email alert whenever a guest RSVP's or makes a contribution?
We used to offer this feature, but the majority of our users have told us that too many emails clutter their Inbox. Use the event Dashboard instead. It’s a much better way to keep up to date. At a glance, you can see a running log of all guest activity. For each individual guest you can see whether they have been sent an invitation, visited the Event page, RSVP’d, made a contribution, or left a personal message for you.


As a guest, is my contribution anonymous?
By default the amount of all contributions made by guests is ‘undisclosed’, but a guest may choose to disclose the amount
Is my contribution tax deductible?
No it is not. Your contribution will be split between a gift for the child and a charitable donation, but the charitable donation will be made by the child in the child’s name.
Is my contribution secure?
Yes. We use the same technology and practices of any major website to protect the security of transactions made through ShareYourWish.com and to ensure the privacy of information stored on our servers, including SSL secured web pages. We do not store credit card numbers or other sensitive personally identifying information (PII).


How do I become a featured charity?
Please contact us to discuss.


Is Share Your Wish incorporated as a 501(c)(3)?
Share Your wish is incorporated as an LLC. We are a social enterprise whose mission is to teach children and to promote charitable giving. We believe that being an LLC allows us to have a greater social impact than if we funded our venture through donations as a non-profit. We also believe that a company’s own customers (the marketplace) serve as a better check on whether a company is meeting its social mission than a small board of directors meeting monthly.