About Us

Share Your Wish was inspired by the frustration my wife, Rebecca, and I felt with what we saw as the excessive, often frivolous, gift giving at our children’s birthday parties over the years. It had become too much, our children already had more toys than they could ever need, and we started to become concerned that the real importance of the day – the celebration – was starting to get overshadowed by the material aspect. And what lesson was that teaching our children?

So what we did was figure out an innovative way to take that glut of gifts, separate the surplus (the economical and environmental waste) from what the kid really wants, and then give value to that surplus in the form of a charitable donation. Most importantly, we have created a unique teaching opportunity for our children on the virtues of generosity and selflessness. So, by using the traditional gift exchange process and adding nothing but parents’ desires to make our children better, Share Your Wish is able to create something out of nothing.

More specifically, when you register your child’s birthday on ShareYourWish.com, and thereby direct your guests there to give their gifts – saving them the hassle of having to shop – you are able to designate a percentage of those gifts that will go to charity, with the remaining amount placed in a gift fund for your child. Just like that, you have introduced your child to the idea of charity, and now have the opportunity to teach its values. Your child will surely feel proud showing off the certificate of contribution they receive from ShareYourWish. And, instead of many immaterial, impersonal gifts, many of which won’t get much play, most of which will take up space in your house, the child is able to get one, two or even a few significant things that they will love.

Buck Schleifer

April 2, 2012